Don’t Let Another Year Pass With No Results

Success Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

It’s time to keep yourself accountable¬†and succeed.

Accountability  Action Results

The program is FREE for select candidates.

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Boost Your Results

What Can an Accountability Success Coach Do For You?

  • Help You Achieve Your Goals
  • Motivate You
  • Increase Results
  • Recommend Options
  • Keep you focused

And so much more.

An Accountability Success Coach can help reshape your life and make you into an unstopable force that gets results.


The Program is FREE if chosen. Application does not guarantee acceptance.

IF accepted you’ll be assinged a woman high performance coach. Someone that has “been there and done that.” Usually these are entprepreneurs that have estabilished themselves and are doing this to “pay it forward”.

You’ll have contact with your coach via sessions, usually weekly. You’ll be required to acomplish certain goals and perform certain tasks. Goals will be set by you and your coach and will focus on success as defined by the you.

Failure to perform will mean excomunication from the program. There are NO ‘do-overs’.


Apply If

  • You are determined to change your life and be successful as an entrepreneur.
  • You’re willing to take responsability for your current state AND also for changing it.
  • You’re willing to put effort and committment into bringing success into your life (as defined by you).
  • You’re willing to forego excuses.
  • You’re willing to forego temporary enjoyments, like hanging out with friends at night, in order to achieve your goals.

Do NOT Apply If

  • You have other commitments that stop you from taking serious action
  • You’re the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ of excuses. (they will not be tolerated)
  • You’re NOT willing to put in long hours toward to your success.
  • You want to try this program for “s**ts and giggles”.
  • You have an attitude problem. (it will not be tolerated)
  • You are NOT punctual.
  • You feel you are entitled to anything other than hard work.
  • You find it hard to stick to a plan or constantly change your mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

(Newbie Version)

Can you help me understand this program better?

Sure! It’s your mentor, your coach, but most importantly it’s a “Drill Seargent” that gets in your face and makes sure you’re held accountable and are on the right track. It’s a Success Bootcamp. Please DO NOT apply if anything you read here makes you feel uncomfortable. There is nothing more wasteful that trying too mentor and help the success of someone that does not want to be mentored and isn’t willing to put in the work to be successful.

What is criteria for qualifying?

Willingness to change your life. As you read above, this program involves many entrepreneurs who are successful and want to mentor new entrepreneurs to ‘pay-it-forward’. As such, they don’t have time for flakes, wanna-be’s, “thinking about it” or any other indecisive people. Here’s a hint for having better chances of being selected: fully complete our form and don’t take it lightly.

How did this program come about?

This program was initially started by GoDataHub, a company that creates custom solutions for businesses especially new businesses. It was created as a way to give back by helping guide entrepreneurs towards success. It turned out to be more successful than we imagined so we decided to offer it to select candidates FREE of charge.

I’m thinking about it, what can you tell me to convice me?

Let us help you make your decision: DO NOT APPLY! Decisiveness is an essential quality that is necessary for this program. This is for decisive people that are ready, willing and able to change their life radically and achieve success.

Women Entrepreneur Success Program

If you have thoroughly read this page and you’d like to be considered for our program feel free to apply. Please complete the application in as much detail as possible.


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