About Us

Global Office Data Hub was born from the need for professional business software for real people and real businesses.

This may sound confusing at first. What are “real people” and “real businesses”?

When we first started this project it was to be used internally for our clients. Most of the software solutions available were not truly tailored for running a business effectively. Instead, they focused on showing you 101 ways to do things like a kanban or flow chart.

While the myriad of ways you can make “art” out of charts was somewhat interesting, it didn’t really help our clients very much.

Buzz-words and flavor of the day methods of running a business were put ahead of tried and true techniques that actually deliver results.

It seemed like most solutions were designed to make you feel like you were accomplishing something, but when it came down to it, there was a lot missing.

Furthermore, these solutions often came with steep learning curves that made proper usability a challenge.

We therefore had to roll up our sleeves and create a solution that would work in the real world… the real BUSINESS world.

We went back to basics and started with the building blocks, focusing on usability and functionality, rather than superficial elements like chart colors.

We relentlessly iterated until we had perfected essential concepts, such as communication control with customers and team members, project management, and task tracking. We carefully evaluated what made sense, what didn’t, and what was truly valuable.

The result is a product that prioritizes results over flashiness. It is a solution that empowers you to take control of your business and steer it towards success.